FTC Guidelines for Patient Leaders

There is often not a lot of websites that share the FTC Guidelines. Nor do they go into depth like this site does. It also allows you to download it to refer back to it later. Thank you …

This information was interesting to me. I remember when the changes started happening on a platform I frequent, and now I know why.

This was SUCH a helpful course - thank you so much! A quick question: if a company is paying you to be on a patient advisory board but then asks you to share their branded posts, it seems to me that this is kind of skirting around the edges of FTC guidelines. Theoretically it could be said that you’re not being laid to share those posts, but obviously there is some implied pressure to do it since you’re compensated as a patient advisor. Personally I feel very uncomfortable about sharing branded posts in this situation and am wondering what your thoughts are and what a good approach to the company would be?

I had no idea now this all makes sense!! Thank you so much!

FTC is American, correct? Am I bound to FTC guidelines as a Canadian? Or is there another set of rules that I should be aware of

Great information. I’ve actually written a product for a free product and didn’t know I should have disclosed it was free. Thanks for the course.

This course was beneficial; thank you for sharing.

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Thank you so much this is definitely helpful very helpful​:purple_heart::panda_face:

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Gain traction. Guide consumers to understand the product proposition. It affects consumer attitudes.

Listen to feedback in time, look for real experiencer, state patient experience, and connect with patients.

Kristen, I “thought” I had completed that course, BUT it shows I have not. Can you tell me possibly what I missed somewhere? Thanks, Pam